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A Note To Irish Traditional Musicians

Pay The Reckoning is once again “open for business” for reviewing recordings (and books and DVDs, etc.) of Irish Traditional Music. Pressures of work and “life” saw me take a break for a few years, but I would like to take up the cudgels on behalf of Irish Traditional musicians and give your work some much-needed publicity.

For the record, my reviewing policy is simply this – no-one will ever get “a slagging” here. If I like the CD (or book or DVD), I will say so, hopefully in the process giving the prospective listener some idea of what to expect. I will list the artist, the name of the CD (or book or DVD), its catalogue number and year released. I will also include a track listing for CDs and DVDs. In closing the review, I will give a link to a website where the CD (or book or DVD) can be purchased online (either the artists' own website or that of a specialist retailer).

If I don't rate the CD, etc? I'll simply not publish a review... One of the goals of this site is to draw people's attention to the very best of Irish Traditional Music. It is not intended to serve as an ego-trip for myself as a reviewer!

So, if you have a CD, DVD or book which you would like me to review, please send a copy to Aidan Crossey, Pay The Reckoning, Flat 8 Keswick Court, Malyons Road, Lewisham, London, SE13 7XQ. (And of course, if you are posting from outside the UK, please add United Kingdom as the final line in the address.)

Please note that from time to time I have a sale of some material which has been sent to me for review. Proceeds from the sale of CDs, DVDs, etc help to fund the costs associated with running the site.

The Reviews

Colm Gannon, Jesse Smith and John Blake – The Ewe With The Crooked Horn (JCB01, 2010)

Jamie Smith, Steve Byrnes and Liam O'Sullivan – Smith, Byrnes, O'Sullivan (JS003, 2009)

Mick Mulvey (with Pete Quinn) – Bridging The Gap (Coolathuma 002, 2009)

Obviously it will take some time before this part of the site is “re-populated”. In the meantime, the following link will take you to my “old” reviews site, which I've archived.

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