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Jamie Smith, Steve Byrnes, Liam O'Sullivan – Smith, Byrnes, O'Sullivan (JS003, 2009)

A glance at the track listing and sleeve notes gives a fair indication of what to expect. The majority of the tunes are recent compositions – mainly by Jamie Smith. The songs are all recent compositions. Credits are given to musicians from outside the traditional arena – Kieran Brady, Oscar Cainer and Richard Thompson.

So, despite the fact that Smith (fiddle, whistle), Byrnes (guitar, drums, vocals) and O'Sullivan (box) are well-known and well-respected “names” on the traditional music scene, this isn't the pure drop and doesn't pretend to be for one moment. But neither is it some ill-conceived attempt at fusing the music uneasily with other forms. Instead it's genuine, powerful music – written and played with absolute regard to the traditions from which it comes – driven, in places, by skilful and sympathetic “contemporary” backing.

Support comes from Oscar Cainer (double bass, banjo, backing vocals), Anthony Davis (keyboards) and Dan Griffin (bodhran, backing vocals).

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Track listing:

Exotic Snowball (Vickie's World/The Exotic Snowball)

Jigs (Trad*/O'Dea's/The Inis Bearachain Jig)

Riding Solo

Baked (The Humours of Swanlinbar/The Baker)

Two Sides (There's Two Sides To Every Story/Colin Farrell's Jig)

Down Where The Drunkards Roll

B Minor Set (Breton Gavotte/Muireann's/Beat Down)

Nobody Knows But You

Reels (Clare Toast/A Touch Of The East/Welcome Back Prosol)

Dreaming Of West Kerry

(* Actually, Junior Crehan's composition, “An Luathraidan”. Do I get a prize?)

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